The idea for Hags with Nags©, the Facebook community, had a modest beginning in a sushi bar in Columbia, South Carolina. The premise and the plan, a place where horsewomen could safely meet, share stories, ideas, talents, and one important common interest –
an almost unexplainable passion for the horse.

Our Community


Our virtual barn is a community of horsewomen brought together by the love of horses. We are a unique group that spans the age gap from 18 to 97 (seriously, 97) and we’d love for you and your unicon to join the heard!

This is a supportive community for women who love horses. Join Hags with Nags to meet new friends, learn new things, share information, ask questions, come to events and best of all share your stories and pictures of you and your Nag, your family and your life.

Our members make us a community and not just a page. In our barn, we foster a safe and fun environment for all equestrian women by adhering to our barn rules which promote support, understanding, and sisterhood. We encourage sharing of a wide variety of aspects of the Hag Life.

We're Worldwide

Hags with Nags Members Map

We live in cities, towns, and suburbs;  on farms, ranches, and stations. We call all the states of the United States home as well as many other nations including Canada, the UK, France, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Greece, and Brazil. Hags with Nags is a  truly international community that encourages and educates.

Hag Sisterhood

Hag Sisterhood

As we grow our goal now is to become more inclusive and encourage more horsewomen, more Hags, to experience the community of Hags with Nags.

We support all horsewomen – women who are artists, artisans, mothers, trainers, farriers, caregivers – all the women who use their talents and passion to support and improve their lives, their families’ lives, and their community. By doing so, we improve all our communities.

Ethical Activewear


The Hags with Nags store is a natural extension of our online community. What began as simple t-shirts and ball caps has grown to include activewear and other swag to compliment the horsewoman who enjoys the Hags with Nags sisterhood.

We support the rescuers and the horsewomen who save orphan foals and old horses. We show our support by purchasing products from only those vendors who support:

  • Ethical Product Sourcing
  • Strict Product Safety Standards
  • Environmental Stewardship

Our vendors are participating members of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) – a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international labor standards and improving working conditions worldwide.

Good Luck Horse Shoe

Our Herd of Hags

Hags with Nags is a small company run by three generations of hags. Our online community is supported by hags who help moderate the group and keep our community thriving.

Julia & Dakota

Julia & Dakota

Founder & Customer Service


Lisa & Rudy

Technical Support


Mary & Dakota


Margie & Jake

Margie & Jake the Wonder Mule

Community Support

Stefani & Rowan

Stefani & Rowan

Community Support

Alison & Sherman

Alison & Sherman

Community Support



Community Support

Sarah & Jay

Sarah & Jay

Community Support

Melissa & Honey

Melissa & Honey

Community Support

Good Luck Horse Shoe

Hags with Nags Communities

We have something for every Hag. Join one or all our communities and experience unique, rewarding friendships and bonds with your Haggy Sisters!

Facebook Community

Our virtual barn is for women who love horses. Join us to meet new friends, learn new things, share information, ask questions, come to events and best of all share your stories and pictures of you and your Nag, your family and your life.

HWN Swag

See what new products we have available for Hags WIth Nags Swag in your Facebook feed.

HWN Artists & Artisans

Here our Haggy Sisters showcase their talent and achievements. Stroll through our gallery. Enjoy the view and Remember to support the artisans and artists who use their passion and talent to make our world a more beautiful place!

HWN Entrepreneurs

You MUST already be a part of the group “Hags with Nags” – Horsewomen supporting women entrepreneurs!!! The best way for us to be SEEN on FB is by more people liking our business FB pages so please share the support by liking your fellow hags’ business pages. Let’s help each other grow!

HWN Tack Exchange

Sell your used and unused tack or equipment to a hag in your community. Exchange Ads are for Hags With Nags Members Only.

HWN Foodies

Food. Cuisine. Good eats. It’s all here from your Haggy Sisters from Hags with Nags.

HWN Weight Loss Support

We as a group do not support one weight loss method over another, nor do we condone outright advertising of any particular weight loss system. Your sisters are excited to take this lifestyle journey with each and every hag. Slow and steady perseverance wins the race!

Hags with Hearts: The Caregiver’s Campfire

We are the Caregivers. Our parents. Our children. Our spouses. Our Siblings. Its Hard and unappreciated. Vent. Ask Questions. Share advice and comfort. Haggy Sisters are welcome.

Rags for Hags: A Clothing Exchange

This is a place where the Haggy Sisters can exchange clothing and shoes/boots that no longer fit. If you wish to charge a fee for the clothing and/or shipping then that is between you and the other Hag. Same rules apply here as on HWNs … respect, compassion, glitter (lots of glitter).

Top Trail

2019 Trail Ride Competition

Hags with Nags is on Top Trail!

We ride the trails, long and short. We measure our distance and our progress in miles and smiles. Top Trail is a GPS based online mileage program to record and track a lifetime of miles for both horse and rider.

Join us and compete with your haggy sisters for the end of year distance prizes – prizes for first and second place!